Steve and Lena went out to the NSTRA trial again this weekend. A trial that started with calm overcast skies for two braces, then a drizzle, then rain and driving wind, then an unexpected two braces of full sun and warmth followed immediately by a whiteout snowstorm. It was incredible.

People are fascinated with this tiny little French Brittany, and I am no different. She is my Lap dog, seriously that’s where she longs to be.

Lap Dog Lena Tiny French Brittany

Lena had a few nice finds, one retrieve she couldn’t figure out because the bird had downed and been buried deep in snow, and one very nice very long retrieve on a safety bird I was not able to shoot but she ran down and brought back anyway.

Overall it was a great weekend with great dogs and great dog people. I continue to learn a lot about the game by watching many of my friends. Often we ourselves learn what not to do next time and I had a few of those moments as well.

Thanks to all the good folks who did so much for me this weekend.

We were also fortunate enough to meet a few new French Brittany friends and even see one of the pups from Sonny and Lena now 1 year old and a spitting image of his dad. Same markings, coat, color, pattern, temperament, he is a literal clone of Sonny. Bryce thank you for letting us see Stone!