Come explore an incredible selection of furry friends! Find your perfect pup with us – French Brittany and English Setter puppies ready for their forever homes. Each individual is prepped to perfection: up-to-date vaccinations, deworming plus a health & temperament guarantee. Paws crossed you find the one!!

All of our puppies will have docked tails and natural dew claws unless other arrangements will be made.

Our puppies are AKC and UKC eligible read here about registration options

Currently we have male puppies available and more puppies on the way.

Very exciting upcoming litter from Tinkerbell and Tori born 02/27/2024

One tricolor male available

Click here for information on the litter

Both have their UKC TAN, both are hunters here with us and housedogs. Tori has passed his UKC GUN. We expect this litter to be the best of what we are selecting for in working family companions. Black Tri-color and Orange and white puppies expected



Fantastic young male going back to our original Hollee and Tattoo


Tinkerbell- Saol Dans Le Bosquet (Tinkerbell) Orange and White female French Britany

Pictures of a young French ''Brittany puppy with a black tricolor roan coat

Why should you buy your French Brittany puppy or English Setter from home and field dogs?

If you’re searching for an exceptional hunting companion that also doubles as a loyal family pet, look no further than, where we specialize in French Brittany puppies and English Setters. These breeds are known for their friendly temperament, intelligence, and unwavering devotion to their owners.

At, we understand that finding a reliable breeder is crucial when selecting a new pup. That’s why we work to ensure a high standard of ethics and care for our dogs. This ensures that when you purchase a puppy from, you’re bringing home a healthy and well-adjusted pup ready to be your next family member in the home and on the field.

We pride ourselves on offering French Brittany puppies and English Setters of exceptional quality. Each puppy undergoes strict health checks and vaccinations to ensure they are free of any genetic or health issues that might affect their quality of life. Our pups are also socialized early on to ensure they are well-adjusted and well-behaved companions.

At, we go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service that matches the quality of our puppies. Our team consists of experienced hunters and dog enthusiasts committed to ensuring that you find the perfect pup to match your lifestyle and needs.

Buying a French Brittany puppy or English Setter from is an investment in a loyal, intelligent, and affectionate hunting companion. You’ll benefit from the peace of mind that comes with working with reputable breeders, exceptional quality, and unbeatable customer service. Choose today and experience the joys of adding a beautiful new pup to your family you will be glad you did.

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