Puppy Application

1. Name, address, cell phone,  EMAIL address.

2. Which sex do you prefer for your puppy?. Would you consider the opposite.

3. Why do you want a puppy?

4. Have you owned a Brittany or Setter before? If yes, How many and do you still have them and if not why not.

5.Are you on any other waiting lists for a Brittany or English setter?

6. What energy and Drive level are you looking for in your puppy? If you are unsure of what this question means, please ask us more questions!

7. What would your training/showing goals be with your Brittany or setter, if any?

8. Do you intend to breed your Brittany or Setter?

9. How many people and animals are in your household? Please include sex and ages.

10. Who is going to be in charge training and discipline for your French Brittany or English Setter? What training methods do you prefer? What training books do you own?

11. Do you own your own home? If not, I will need a letter from your landlord advising that it is OK for you to have a French Brittany or English Setter.

12. Do you have a fenced yard. Explain how you intend to ensure the safety of your Brittany or Setter he/she is outside your home? For exercise, and for potty breaks?

13. Do you work away from home? How many hours a day are you gone from home?

14. Where will the puppy sleep and stay when you are not at home?

15. How much interaction do you foresee between yourself and your French Brittany or English Setter?

16. What would you do if your new puppy or young started dog wasn’t working out?

17. Please provide the name and phone number of 2 personal references who know you well and tell us who your primary vet is.

18. Do you travel? If you travel will you be traveling with your Brittany or Setter or boarding?

19. If your puppy chewed up the arm of your favorite couch or chair what would you do?

20. If your puppy barked all night and kept you up what would you do?

21. If your puppy ran away what would you do?

22. If your Puppy was hit by a car and required significant vet expenses what would you do?

23. How would you travel to places such as the vet clinic with your new French Brittany or English Setter puppy? How about when your dog is full grown?

24. How will you house train your French Brittany or English Setter puppy?

25. What kind of support do you want/expect from us as the breeder to help you reach your goals with your new Brittany or Setter?

26. Have you ever been charged with any crimes involving animals or had an animal taken away from you for any reason?