Orange and white French Brittany puppy in a dandelion field

We understand it is a big thing to select your next furry companion. At home and field dogs we do our part to keep you updated throughout their growth with pictures and video and we are always here to answer questions about their personalities and traits.

As breeders we try to listen to what you are wanting, make sure it is really what you want and help direct you to the right French Brittany puppy that meets your wants and needs best. We never want a puppy stuck in a home where it isn’t exactly what the home is looking for, and we never want someone to be disappointed with one of our French Brittany puppies.

Keeping in mind these are living animals. We do our best Genetically. We combine the art of Animal Husbandry with the science of it to produce the best French Brittany puppies possible. That is the first part of the equation. Then comes nutrition, conditioning, training, socializing etc. We do all we can to help you raise and train your French Brittany puppy right, but ultimately you will be the one training, socializing, feeding and exercising the puppy. Very few dogs turn out to be world Champions despite all the effort time and money that goes in to them. But nearly all puppies that are properly bred, socialized and trained will turn out to be excellent companions in the home and in the field with very few exceptions. It is because of those very rare exceptions that we have our health and temperament guarantee in place.

When you reserve a puppy you are generally reserving a place in line to pick. You are reserving a gender, and often a color.

For example you may be reserving a first pick orange and white female or a second pick tricolor male. If you reserve a first pick puppy, that simply means that you get to select your puppy first. It’s important to understand that first pick does not mean “best.” The puppy I would pick first is seldom the puppy someone else would pick first because we are all looking for something different in our puppies. If you are second pick after the first person has made their selection, you will make yours. We do require that you make your pick before the puppy is 49 days old for many reasons. This makes sure all remaining picks have time to be made before the puppies travel to their new forever homes. That is why we strive to provide all the information you need before making your selection backed with decades of experience seeing how puppies grow and develop. We are very seldom wrong about how a puppy will turn out.

On some occasions we are able to accommodate a visit to meet the puppies in person. This can be arranged if the puppies are adequately vaccinated and life and plans on both our ends allow. This generally means the visit would have to be while the puppy is six weeks old since it will have had its first vaccination and be before the picking window closes. We trust that you understand that sometime an in person visit simply may not be possible to accommodate and that is why we provide the information other ways and have a health and temperament guarantee in place.

What if you reserve a First pick orange male in a litter and there isn’t an orange male? Deposits are transferable to other puppies and other litters. Maybe there was an orange female in the litter that wasn’t reserved and you want to transfer your deposit to that particular puppy. Maybe you want to change your options on gender or color altogether or wait for another litter. Those are all available options. Deposits are however non-refundable. Once you have made the commitment to work with us, we are investing our time and resources in you as well to ensure mutual success. We know you appreciate our time and investment as well. What if you have reserved the last pick puppy and you for some reason are not happy with it? If there is a good reason that you are not happy with it, we may transfer that deposit to another future litter. If the puppy is healthy and adequate for what you are looking for however we would need to have a discussion. We don’t want our puppies ending up where they are not wanted, but it is very important you understand “last pick” does not mean bad puppy or worst in the litter. Some of the most legendary dogs I have looked up to in my life were “last pick” puppies.

We do reserve the right as a breeder to terminate a relationship with a client for any reason if we feel it is best for us not to work together. I am getting old. I want good relationships with good people and I want our excellent French Brittany puppies in homes where they are loved and cherished. We are not interested in short term puppy sales, we are not a puppy mill. We are interested in long term mutually beneficial relationships. We are not interested in long term relationships with mean people or entitled people. I like people. Spend any time around me and you will see that is true. I will invite you to come hunt or fish with me or share my valuable time. I am able to keep that attitude because I don’t keep mean people around.