We guarantee the health of all our puppies.

All puppies are in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of sale. Buyer has two days from the delivery date to have the Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian for a puppy well checkup (Buyer will pay all veterinarian fees). Health Policy as follows: Home and Field dogs guarantees the pup to be free of Hip Dysplasia (when raised on Life’s abundance dog food through the provided links the buyer is given. No receipts will be needed this way as well will be notified each time an order is placed). Other diseases which may be genetically inherited or present at birth will be covered on a case by case basis as we consult with our Veterinary partners as well as evaluating the dog. Other diseases not considered genetically inherited will not be covered. We recommend having a very good relationship with your veterinarian and following appropriate wellness and vaccination schedules. Any health claims must be accompanied by certification of abnormality from two accredited veterinarians. Breeder may refund up to the full amount of the purchase price or replace with similar animal at the breeders discretion when the original animal is returned to us. All shipping, travel and vet expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.

If Breeder chooses to refund instead of replace after evaluation at our facility, refund may not be given until the puppy finds a new forever home. If Dog has been sterilized, that may affect the refund amount.

Replacement/Refund Policy only applies to original buyer.

Temperament policy is as follows. We as the breeder will do our best to listen to what you are looking for in a puppy and guide you toward the right puppy for your situation, and mentor you and guide you through the training and socialization process as you raise the puppy. Because your new puppy is a living individual you have to accept that they don’t always turn out the way we hope most often through our shortcomings, but sometimes because there may be something wrong with the puppy. In those very rare circumstances, we will evaluate the puppy. If it is believed that the dog just has faulty temperament for its intended purpose due to its innate characteristics and not from faulty training or failures to socialize correctly, Home and field dogs may opt to replace the puppy when the original puppy is returned to us. Keep in mind we have trained dogs for over 40 years now. If you have a gun shy 1 year old puppy, almost certainly it was because of how you introduced noise and guns to your puppy. Many other failings are similar. But there is the rare animal that comes along from time to time that just really isn’t fit for hunting but may make a great pet.