a hunter with French brittanys hunting in the mountains for birds

We do offer stud service to a few outstanding dogs, and occasionally have puppies available as well.

Why French Brittany’s or Epagneul Breton? In the about us link you will learn more, but simply put they are little packages of bird finding dynamite in wonderful colors that only want to please. They are the breed that helped me truly understand the word ‘biddable.’ They want to be your best friend and be on your couch and in your home and work for you in the field. Many pointing breeds are independent and hunt for themselves. A Brittany is not going to hunt for you or at all if it doesn’t love you. And they will love you. They are in it for the partnership, and they are impossible not to love. Small enough to get into the dense cover and work it, fast enough to run down winged birds and bring them back. They are a great conservation tool. But all that enthusiasm they have and show in the field? They are great little house companions that don’t bounce off the walls. And while American Brittany’s are wonderful in their own right, their French counterparts are slightly smaller, have more color varieties, Seem to range a little closer and tighter which is more suited to my age and style of hunting. I just don’t want a dog out of shotgun range anymore I am too broken down and too slow. French Britts have excellent hunt drive, natural genetics for confidence, solid points, and great retrieves. Even great in the water. Agile dogs sized for working dense cover and quartering well. 

Why English setters? Well you will have to read the about us page for more detail, but simply put watching every episode of “hunting with Hank” and Dez and Dash. couple that with one of the most outstanding Dog men I have met (and that is saying a lot) Brett Wonnocott who raises, handles and trains beautiful setters in the way a dog should be handled. Soft, forgiving, but determined to approach perfection. He may not know the influence he was having on me, but He and Angie are some of the finest dog people I have ever met. They carry themselves as ambassadors. They share what they know and help both dogs and hunters and people who don’t know they are hunters yet. They showed me that “Hank” wasn’t a fluke, that these dogs are meant to live under foot, be your best friend and excel in the field. They will range quite a bit farther if you let them, or you can train them to hunt where you want them. A whoa command and a “here” command will be two of the most important tools in your box.

We proudly feed and Recommend  Life’s Abundance . Proper nutrition matters as much or more than genetics, training, and conditioning.