In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, pet care has evolved to include a range of gadgets and apps designed to make life easier for pet owners and improve the well-being of their furry friends. French Brittany enthusiasts are no exception. Whether you’re looking to track your dog’s activity, monitor their health, or streamline training, there’s a tech solution for you. Below, we delve into some of the latest gadgets and apps that can take your French Brittany’s care to the next level.


Smart Collars and GPS Trackers

One of the primary concerns for any dog owner is ensuring their pet’s safety. Smart collars and GPS trackers have become indispensable tools for this purpose. At Home and Field Dogs, we utilize Apple AirTags and Garmin tracking collars to keep our French Brittanys safe and secure.


  • Apple AirTags: These small, versatile devices can be attached to your dog’s collar, allowing you to track their location using the Find My app on your iPhone. The precision tracking feature is particularly useful for locating lost pets in real-time.

  • Garmin Tracking Collars: Designed specifically for outdoor and hunting dogs, Garmin collars offer robust GPS tracking with additional features such as activity monitoring and training assistance. These collars are built to withstand rugged environments, making them ideal for active French Brittanys.

Health Monitoring Devices

Keeping an eye on your pet’s health is crucial for ensuring they live a long, happy life. Health monitoring devices provide valuable insights into your dog’s physical condition, helping you catch potential issues early.


  • FitBark: This health monitor attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks various metrics such as activity levels, sleep patterns, and overall health. The data can be synced with your smartphone, giving you a comprehensive view of your dog’s well-being.

  • Whistle GO Explore: In addition to GPS tracking, the Whistle GO Explore offers health monitoring by tracking behaviors like scratching and licking, which can indicate health problems. It also monitors activity levels and provides health recommendations based on your dog’s breed, age, and weight.

Apps for Training, Diet Management, and Exercise Tracking

A well-trained and healthy French Brittany is a joy to have around. Various apps can help you manage training, nutrition, and exercise more effectively.


  • Pupford: This app offers a variety of training programs designed by professional trainers. From basic obedience to advanced tricks, Pupford provides video tutorials and step-by-step guides tailored to your dog’s progress.

  • PetDesk: A comprehensive pet care app that helps you manage vet appointments, medication schedules, and grooming sessions. PetDesk also includes a diet management feature, allowing you to keep track of your pet’s nutritional needs and feeding schedule.

  • Rover: Known for connecting pet owners with dog sitters and walkers, Rover also offers additional features such as exercise tracking and daily activity reports. This can be particularly useful for ensuring your French Brittany gets the appropriate amount of exercise each day.

Reviews and Comparisons of Top Tech Products in 2024

Staying up-to-date with the latest tech products can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled reviews and comparisons of some top gadgets and apps for 2024 to help you make informed decisions.


  • Tractive GPS Dog Tracker: Known for its reliable real-time tracking and durable design, Tractive is a popular choice among pet owners. It offers virtual fencing and location history features, making it a versatile option.

  • Fi Smart Dog Collar: This collar stands out for its long battery life and advanced tracking capabilities. It also includes an LED light for better visibility during nighttime walks.

  • Pet First Aid by American Red Cross: An essential app for any pet owner, it provides instant access to information on how to handle common pet emergencies, complete with step-by-step instructions and videos.


Integrating technology into pet care has never been easier, and the benefits are substantial. From ensuring your French Brittany’s safety with smart collars and GPS trackers to monitoring their health and streamlining their training and diet management, these innovations can significantly enhance your pet care routine. By staying informed about the latest gadgets and apps, you can ensure that your beloved French Brittany receives the best possible care.


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