Considering adding a French Brittany puppy to your family? These adorable, energetic dogs are a joy to have, but they do come with specific needs and responsibilities. Take this entertaining quiz to find out if a French Brittany puppy is the perfect match for your lifestyle!

Question 1: How Much Time Do You Spend at Home?

  • A) I work from home or have a flexible schedule.
  • B) I’m home most evenings and weekends.
  • C) I’m often away for long periods during the day.

Question 2: How Active Is Your Lifestyle?

  • A) I love outdoor activities and exercise regularly.
  • B) I enjoy moderate physical activity on weekends.
  • C) I prefer a more relaxed, low-key lifestyle.

Question 3: What Type of Living Space Do You Have?

  • A) A house with a spacious yard.
  • B) An apartment with access to a park or open space.
  • C) A small apartment with limited outdoor access.

Question 4: How Experienced Are You With Dog Training?

  • A) I’ve trained dogs before and enjoy the process.
  • B) I’ve had some experience, but I’m still learning.
  • C) I’ve never trained a dog before.

Question 5: How Do You Feel About Grooming and Maintaining a Dog’s Hygiene?

  • A) I love grooming and can commit to regular brushing and care.
  • B) I don’t mind it, but I prefer low-maintenance pets.
  • C) I’d rather not deal with grooming too much.

Question 6: Are You Prepared for the Financial Commitment of a Dog?

  • A) Yes, I understand the costs involved and am fully prepared.
  • B) I have a budget, but I’m willing to invest in my pet’s well-being.
  • C) I’m concerned about the ongoing expenses.

Fun Fact Break!

Did you know that French Brittanys are known for their incredible agility and love for outdoor adventures? They were originally bred as hunting dogs in France, excelling in both pointing and retrieving.

Question 7: How Important Is It for You to Have a Dog That Enjoys Social Interaction?

  • A) Very important! I want a friendly, sociable dog.
  • B) Somewhat important; I’m okay with a dog that’s a bit more independent.
  • C) Not very important; I prefer a low-key companion.

Question 8: How Committed Are You to Providing Regular Exercise?

  • A) Extremely committed; I love daily walks and runs.
  • B) Moderately committed; I can manage a few times a week.
  • C) Not very committed; I prefer minimal physical activity.

Personalized Results

Mostly As

You’re Ready for a French Brittany Puppy! You have the time, energy, and environment that a French Brittany needs to thrive. These puppies will love your active lifestyle and enjoy all the attention and training you can provide. Get ready for a loyal and lively companion who will bring endless joy to your life!

Mostly Bs

A French Brittany Might Be a Good Fit with Some Adjustments. You might need to make a few changes to your routine to accommodate a French Brittany’s high energy levels and social needs. With a little effort, you’ll find a loving and playful friend in this breed. Consider speaking to current owners or breeders to get more insight.

Mostly Cs

Think Carefully Before Bringing a French Brittany Home. French Brittanys require a lot of time, training, and physical activity. Your current lifestyle and living situation might make it challenging to meet their needs. You may want to explore other dog breeds that are better suited to a more relaxed and less active environment.


Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or need a bit more preparation, understanding the needs of a French Brittany is key to making an informed decision. Their spirited personality and love for adventure make them wonderful companions for the right household. Ready to learn more? Reach out to us to see if a French Brittany is right for you!