Over and Under shotgun .410 bore

To celebrate our French Brittany litter that was born April 10th this year, and because I am a fan of Over and Under Shotguns especially for the distinguished field hunter, we are going to give one away!

Dez Young moved me off of semi-automatic shotguns years ago as I watched him and Hank for hours on end with my son. I learned with a great pointing dog a man really should be a gentleman in the field instead of a supercharged shell wasting semiautomatic man. He made such an impression on my boy and I and today I don’t feel right without an over and under in the field or busting clays. That is except when chasing those devil birds Chukar. I can’t put enough lead in the sky to satisfy myself trying to get revenge on those delicious birds that always outfly and outsmart by French Brittanys, my English setters and I. Ok lets be honest it isn’t the dogs fault… but dang… That’s a lot of hiking chasing those birds…

Anyway for anyone who purchases a puppy or trained dog from us this year, you will be automatically entered in a drawing to win this amazing firearm.

Who is excited?