Let me start by saying, I hate beans, anything with beans all kinds of beans. I hate chili. I have always hated chili. Especially white chili. But once in a great while I want chili in a bread bowl. By once in a while I mean I have to be freezing on a ski slope or after a long day of hunting in the cold or something like that.
It is also a little known fact that even though I hate chili. I happen to make the best chili in the world according to a group of people that have eaten mine. It is also a well established fact that real chili does not contain beans which I hate. But with the cost of food in general and other ingredients one must use beans now to extend said chili and for those people who like beans in their chili (there are many words for crazy people like that… gringo comes to mind) they are quite happy with it. It takes two full days to prepare. And behold here is this years Elk chili. Now it will probably be another 5 years before I ever do it again! Thank you Tony McClain for the elk! For those who want the recipe… tough. It is secret so I can win the chili cook offs that come my way. You want to try it? it can only be had in person in the rare moments I make it.