So you may have read my other post about my super special sweet heat Elk Chile.

I have always hated Chile as that post will tell you, especially white chile. I have never had a bowl that I liked ever.

But it has been gnawing at me that I am sure pheasant could be made into a nice white chili if I could just figure out the flavors so I would like it.

Well I don’t know why it took so long and why I fought this idea so hard, I am an idiot I guess, but now I have a new way to cook and enjoy the upland game my French Brittanys help me harvest.

Seriously this was amazing, and I may be willing to share the recipe… or parts of it at least so you can kind of make it your own and mine will still be unique.

Of course if you come hunt with me and our wonderful French Brittanys, I may make some to share…. Have dogs will travel! If you can put us in front of birds I will bring the dogs and we will have a great time!

So for starters I love leg quarters on all my gamebirds and I never leave them behind. In truth it really bothers me when people breast out a bird and leave the rest behind. I can be seen at NSTRA trials cleaning the birds from the bird bucket including quarters and frying them up for lunch or dinner on trial weekends.

But one hard part about legs is the ligaments. It makes them tough to eat. There is a way to break and pull off the foot which will take some of the ligaments with it, but it is so much more work than what I do that I don’t find it worth it.

But I tried something new today and literally hit my head asking myself why I hadn’t tried this before either. I pressure cooked the leg quarters and not only did it only take 10 minutes, the meat pulled away from the bones and ligaments so easily I may never cook them any other way again. one can of chicken broth in the bottom, cook on high pressure 10 minutes and 10 minutes natural pressure release. They fell apart when done. I crumbled those up in the slow cooker.

My French Brittanys helped me get four pheasants today (training birds not wild birds) and that was the perfect number for this recipe. I cubed the breast meat and tenders and browned them in a pan of butter and olive oil. Then added the cubes to the pot as well with the butter and olive oil.

One cup of heavy whipping cream, one can chicken broth, and one package cream cheese. One small can of diced green chile’s two cans of rinsed Northern white beans (I hate beans mind you)

These seasoning to taste but start with about a teaspoon

Onion powder

Garlic powder



Black pepper

Cayenne Pepper only 1/4 teaspoon of this one…

Put it all together, cook it on low for about 2-3 hours and serve with white tortilla scoop chips. Experiment after you have done it this way. Make it your own. I left some secret ingredients out of the blog 🙂

You will thank me this was divine and a great new way to use some of my gamebirds.