Hello Home and Field dogs and On Point Brittanys family!
If there is anyone we have missed via email, text, social media we are very sorry we are trying to keep track of everyone!
Last year we were blessed to be invited to a group hunt with our friends from Redemption bird dogs and I can’t begin to tell you what a great experience it was. Ever since then we have been working out how we can do a similar hunt with our friends and family in the breed.
What we are proposing is two different hunts and looking for feedback in who would like to participate before we start making arrangements.
The first hunt would be a wild bird hunt most likely in the Malta Montana region unless someone has a hookup on a better place for our event. Bird season kicks off in Montana this year again on September 1st and we would plan to be there August 30th to put on a mini training seminar, plan strategy and begin hunting first light the next morning and staying for a couple of days for whoever could come and wanted to stay. We would focus on trying to get all three species.
We have a few options. We can do it as a dry camp type situation, bring trailers or tents or sleep in trucks, or we could rent as a group an Air BnB like we did last year. This was a fun option, we all shared responsibilities for meals and cleanup etc. and had real indoor plumbing which made the event appeal to more people. Likewise there would be motels etc but the Air BnB gave great social time and opportunities. I have also done these types of hunts camping in the trailer or truck though that usually limits who may be interested.
I want to stress this is a family type hunt. Bring spouses, bring kids but be sure to bring those French Brittanys 😊Dogs and puppies of all ages and skill levels are welcome and of course we have plenty of dog power we will bringing as well.
Last year we cleaned and dressed our birds from the day and prepared them for everyone to share. You have to try my Sage Grouse Mango tacos…
So first question is who would be interested in doing this and would you prefer primitive type camping out in the areas we are hunting, or would you prefer a base camp in civilization and traveling out to our hunting areas?
The second hunt would be a preserve type hunt here in Utah, it is just too hard to get to an area where there are going to be sufficient predictable and reliable birds for a group hunt like this. It would also be an early season hunt to start getting dogs ready for the year. The cost for this type of hunt will be much higher since we will be paying for birds and for the club. Birds are generally $30 for roosters, hens are cheaper and there are usually some chukar available as well. We could still arrange it as a primitive camping type hunt or get an Air BnB or a group rate at a local hotel.
Who would be interested in something like this?
We are definitely hoping to get a lot of participation on this and spend some time with all of you and those great dogs!

Call text or email to share your thoughts!