Young French Brittany playing outside, pointing pheasants and posing in the studio
French Brittany

It is important to develop an interest in smells and a desire to follow ones nose in a young Brittany puppy to make it easier for them to locate game birds as they grow.

With proper upbringing at the breeders this starts the moment they are whelped as a newborn puppy will will immediately go in search of a nipple to nurse the essential colostrum. Their eyes and ears are still closed at this point, they can’t see or hear a thing. No one has taught them anything at all, and yet they can follow their noses to find food and warmth. It is instinctual. It is built in from the beginning. Just as that instinct to survive is there from birth, properly bred French Brittanys have a genetic predisposition to locate and point game birds. Our only job is to develop what is already there.

One way we like to do that as the puppies grow and begin to be weaned is we do food scatters where the puppies use their noses to go find their food just as when they were young nursing puppies. Check out this video

Young Brittany puppies using their noses to locate food.

From here we continue to build on trusting their noses and problem solving skills to locate birds.

French Brittany hunting quail

As a proud French Brittany owner and hunting enthusiast, I can personally attest to the exceptional qualities of these versatile, loyal, and intelligent dogs. They are not only fantastic hunting companions but also loving family pets, perfect for both experienced hunters and first-time dog owners. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring home one of these top-rated, purebred French Brittany puppies from a reputable breeder in Utah. For tips on training your new canine companion for hunting or simply integrating them into your family, check out our resources on canine training, field trials, and more. Happy hunting!