With a little bit of time and consistency, and by using the proper training methods French Brittanys are very easy to motivate and train. The breed standard calls them “biddable” and that really is the very best word to describe them.



bid·​da·​ble ˈbi-də-bəl

Synonyms of biddable


: easily led, taught, or controlled : DOCILE

Because of their gentle nature and soft personalities Brittanys don’t respond well to heavy handed training or compulsion. Please don’t use devices such as prong collars and shock collars and force to compel behavior. Watch as this 7 week old puppy is taught to sit and lay down without ever even touching the dog using just lure reward training.

Lure reward training a French Brittany puppy.

To learn more about this particular method, please visit my friend and the expert Dr Ian Dunbar

Lure reward training is a popular and effective way to train French Brittany puppies. Developed by renowned veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar, this method of training uses positive reinforcement to teach puppies desired behaviors.

The lure reward method works by using a treat or toy as an incentive for the puppy to perform a desired action. The trainer will hold the treat or toy in front of the puppy and move it slowly in the direction they want them to go. As soon as the puppy follows the movement, they are rewarded with the treat or toy. This process is repeated until the puppy understands what behavior is expected of them.

This type of training has many benefits for both you and your French Brittany puppy. It encourages positive reinforcement which helps build trust between you and your pup while also teaching them important obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, etc. Additionally, lure reward training can help reduce fear aggression in puppies since it does not involve any punishment-based techniques that could potentially cause fear or anxiety in your pup.

Overall, lure reward training is an effective way to teach your French Brittany puppy new behaviors while also building a strong bond between you two! With patience and consistency, you’ll be able to have a well-behaved pup in no time!