I was fortunate enough to be invited to a group hunt this Fall up in Wyoming by Josh Ruiter of Redemption Bird dogs and a group of Trinity Breton owners. Especially fun was two of the pups there were out of a dog I now own “Jazzy” and we got to hunt him alongside both of those daughters over the weekend. 

I was so glad to make new friends with two legs and with four. We shared meals together, hikes and hunts and swapped stories some believable and some not. 

We covered a lot of ground over our time together and I hope it is just the first of many adventures we share.

My only regret is there simply was not enough time for me to get to hunt with each member of the group. 

You know I have always told anyone who will listen, I hunt so I can watch the dogs work, it really isn’t about shooting (as evidenced by my poor shooting performance this hunt lol) but I just love watching the dogs work. The other thing that I love so much is sharing these moments with others who appreciate the same thing. There is a sense of community among upland hunters where we all try to help each other out and share tips and tricks and time in the field. Shoe leather is best worn off in groups of more than just two feet. 

So thank you all for sharing your time with me, for including me in the weekend and making lasting memories with me.