Our French Brittanys are registered with the AKC and eligible for UKC. Our Setters are dual registered with the FDSB and AKC.

All puppies are sold with limited registration. Limited registration means the puppy can participate in all events (including field trials) other than AKC Breed Ring, offspring of this dog are not eligible for registration, there are no breeding rights.

In the event breeding rights are desired hip scores must be provided being OFA Good or Excellent, and the dog must have some kind of temperament evaluation and performance evaluation showing it suitable for breeding. Also you must do an embark DNA test to verify there is no sable gene present in either of the parents. Our puppies will not have the sable gene, make sure the dog you plan to breed to does not either as it is a disqualification and highly undesirable trait. IF you meet these health screening criteria we will convert the registration no problem.